Registered Group Ordering Process

Once UnitedScrip has received your enrollment materials, you will receive a New Group Enrollment Email. This email will contain your

Group Id and information that will give you access and entrance into:

    • UnitedScrip's Online Software Package and Tutorials, Including Excellent Reports for Program
    • UnitedScrip Download Library at
    • Access to Newsletters Templates, Flyers and Scrip Handbook
    • UnitedScrip's Group & Individual online ordering at
    • UnitedScrip's customized order form creator at
    • UnitedScrip's Retailer's and Multi-Concept List at
    • Email Capability to Group Users of

How to Order

UnitedScrip encourages groups to utilize's ordering capability.

  • If you do not utilize Scripzone, feel free to call us toll-free at 1.866.611.9701. UnitedScrip will accept Faxed Orders but require you to follow-up with a phone call to confirm your order has been received and is correct. In all cases, you are emailed an invoice once your order is filled. UnitedScrip always asks that you confirm this invoice for accuracy.

How To Pay for Orders

Arrangements for payments must be made prior to any order placement. Most Groups prefer ACH payment of orders to prevent any delay in shipment of orders. This method of electronic payment is provided by the Automated Clearing House, a national network of banks. Authorization of ACH payments allows UnitedScrip to debit your account directly for your order. UnitedScrip does not debit your organization for any back-ordered items. Payment by check is accepted but will delay your shipping until payment is received. A payment options form can be requested from UnitedScrip by email or by calling 1.864.886.9701.

Back Orders

When UnitedScrip can not fill your order because of a Inventory back-log or problem, we will ship your items with your next order unless requested to ship otherwise. UnitedScrip will not debit your account for any backordered items. Backorders for groups who do not order weekly, will be shipped once groups request shipment.

How We Ship Your Order

UPS and Fed Ex provide our shipping options. We can ship Ground, 2nd Day Air and Next Day. Please see our Shipping Page for complete details.

Scrip Returns

UnitedScrip will accept Scrip for returns under the following circumstances:

You have not defaced the Scrip in any way.

You have checked the balance on the Scrip.

You pay for shipping to UnitedScrip.

It has not been more that 2 months or 60 days since purchased.

Pre-approval of return given to Group Coordinator.

A re-stocking fee is accepted by Group and a Credit Memo is issued once items are received and balances checked.

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